Raymond W. Poquette is the sole proprietor (sole owner) of ThermoTecUSA founded 1997. ThermoTecUSA is a very small Glider, Aircraft Canopy manufacturing business, www.thermotecusa.com E-Mail: info@thermotecusa.com. I am from Menominee Michigan were I am known as Bud or Buddy. I went to school in Menominee. I left school and went to a trade school in Detroit Michigan for Auto Body Repair, Painting and Welding were I graduated with an A+. I worked in all fazes of this business including my own Auto Body Repair Shop on my own 10 acres in grass Valley, Ca. for 36 years. Then I started ThermoTecUSA. I was bourn in Jan 24, 1940 and very healthy in every way. I do not drink or do drugs of any kind including medical drugs. I excursive and stay very busy to maintain my good health. I have plaid Tannins, Golf, ice-skating, ice-boating, hockey, roller-scatting and spent time learning to do flips on the trampoline at a public rent time place . I am a licensed scuba diving, water skiing and snow skiing . I learnt to fly Signal engine power planes and gliders at the same time in 1966 when I received my Glider Private Pilot Certificate. I have flown in many Regional and National Soaring Championships were I placed know lower then 10th place and first place in 1977 in Unlimited Class at Minden Nevada. I have flown these Contest out of many air fields all over Texas, Nevada, and California. I am still a active Pilot today. My other achievements in soaring include A 36 thousand foot altitude in Colorado over Pikes Peek, a 2 lenny pen, a 2 diamond pen.

I have been signed off to fly solo in the Piper Pa-22, Cessna 172, Piper Pa-28, Mooney A2. Flit time in the Piper 140, Cessna 150, Dimand DA20. I have logged flight time in Gliders as fallows: Schweitzer SGU 1-19, SGS 1-26, SGU 2-22, SGS 2-33, SGS 2-32, SGS 1-34, ASW-17DB, Schreder HP-14, Grob 103, G-102, Slingby Vega, Flug und Fahrzeugwerke Diamant 18, Schempp-Hirth Discus B, Duo Discus, ASH-25, SZD 51-1, SK 21, Centrair 101 Pegase, DG-505. J-4 Javelin.

.I was not born with internal communication.

My wife, Paula M. Poquette  filed for a Temporary Restraining Order Pro Per (with out an attorney) and with out serving me with it so that I could not dispute it in court. Her resin for not having to serve me was that "she feared for her life". Filling a Restraining Order recommended by Behavioral Health that is managed by Darryl Quinn, Ph.D. and is overseen by the Welfare Department that is managed by Joy Asterus that is Paula's best friend. She was granted the Temporary Restraining Order with out me being there in court to defend my self. I have never harmed anyone in my life let alone my wife. On the other hand my wife has beet on my chest with her fist then I turned around and she continued pending on my back with her fist in front of my tow children. She has also waved a pearling knife in my face in anger. The first day that I received the Temporary Restraining Order I walked the 50 foot parameter around my wife Paula m. Poquette while she is living on my property in a fifth wheel trailer by her own choice. My home is on that I am living in and took photo’s to show the court that the distance is not possible because it go’s inside of my shop.





Wile I was taking the photo’s she came out of the trailer an ran over very close to me and kept walking along side of me as I was walking away from her. Is this a description of a wife that is in fear of her life around me? Please remember she has filed for a divorce and does not have equity in the property. Getting a nonsense (without legal grounds), Domestic Violence Restraining Order with out any history of Violence behavior that puts the divorce settlement poses into the hands of the court and changes the settlement agreement poses. In this state a divorce is a Dissolution of Marriage. All I am asking for is equal rights according to the laws in a divorce settlement. Because I came into this Marriage with my own sole separate property and the fact that she filed for a divorce once before when the property was in foreclosure and upside-down financially she does not have equity in the property. By granting her a Domestic Violence Restraining Order and letting her remain on the property it puts pressure on me to agree to give her money as a settlement agreement. When I was at my attorneys office yesterday the first thing they told me was to give her a lump some of money! The family laws in this state do not support giving her lump some of money or spousal support or giving up my property to her. All I wont is equal rights supported by the Family Law Codes in this state. I worked hard for five years building a new house wile she was living on her own (living separately). I also started my business "ThermoTecUSA" at that time. When I got all of this (the new house and the business) in a good place she asked if we could get back together again. I reluctantly told her yes and three months after we were together in the new home my wife Paula M. Poquette, Joy Asturias, my son Paul J. Poquette and my our daughter Alicia Poquette got into my head and disturbed me. Then told me I was mentally ill (having psychotic episodes). Not being born with internal communication I believed that I was getting mentally ell. This all started 12 years ago in 2001. Otherwise I am enjoying having my new internal communication that I was not born with. Otherwise I am still in business thru all of this nonsense.